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Healing Through the Arts


This event is open to the public and we invite you to attend.

If you would like to contribute art, writings, or a performance, please contact Monica Gonzalez for the application.


Preparing for 2017

CAN is currently reviewing events for 2017 and getting prepared for all the fun to come.can-meeting

Our biggest project would be in April – Sexual Assault Awareness Month. We will be unveiling a new event – Healing through the Arts. More information to come…




2016 Flash Mob

CAN is currently working on the 2016 Flash Mob.

On 2/9/16, CAN members met with G-Star students to choreograph the routine.

It will be filmed on 2/16/16 and will be posted to the SART YouTube page.

Flash Mob 2016

Hispanic “No Means No” PSA

No means No in every Language:

As part of a continued outreach to underserved populations, Palm Beach County Victim Services, PBC TV 20, & El-Sol produced a Spanish version of the “No means No” public service announcement (PSA). The 30 second PSA script follows the life stages of a person from toddler to adult who has learned that no is supposed to mean no in a variety of settings, and that includes unwanted sexual advances. This PSA is one of several strategies that will be employed in the near future to reach the Hispanic community with important information about sexual assaults and available services.  Betzy Rega, Health Coordinator from El Sol commented about the project,  “Thank you so much for making us a part of this really important piece. The El Sol team learned so much and had fun as well. At first they were not sure if they were going to be able to do this but in the end they felt so proud of themselves for helping their community. I am so proud of them.”

A January 10th Hispanic outreach festival is tentatively planned at a community church. If any agency is interested in finding out how they can participate, please contact Sharon Daugherty at or call 561-625-2568.


Survivor Action Team PSA

Sexual Assault “Survivor Action Team” takes on Hollywood

Survivor PSA 1 jpg jpg

The Survivor Action Team, part of the Palm Beach County Sexual Assault Response Team, joined together on December 2, 2015 to film their first public service announcement. The team is comprised of empowered adult sexual assault survivors who want to move forward with reaching out to the community and bring awareness to these issues.

Working with Channel 20/Palm Beach County Public Affairs, six team members openly represented cultural diversity along with a bold & magnificent outreach message. With the team identifying themselves as survivors, speaking words of understanding and invite, the goal was to reach out to other survivors and the general audience in the community. It is intended that viewers will know where to turn for help within Palm Beach County Victim Services & Certified Rape Crisis Center, whether it’s therapy, victim advocacy, court accompaniment or rape exam. Hopefully, some may join the Survivor Action Team! See it aired in January, 2016.


The PSA was completed and can be found here!

Media Day 2015

Media Day

In recognition of September as National Campus Safety Awareness Month and October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Palm Beach County Victim Services & Certified Rape Crisis Center hosted a media day on Wednesday, September 23.  The result helped to build direct communications between media and victims of crime.

Held at the Victim Services Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Center, local reporters, photographers, commissioners and representatives from the Palm Beach County Legislation met with empowered survivors who are effecting social change.

The 2 sessions featured hour panel discussion with Survivor Action Team members regarding their victimization including sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking and homicide. The Media Day raised awareness, brought media attention and national momentum for ending and preventing violence.

For information on how to book Victim Service and Survivor Action Team speakers for your agency, please contact Sharon Daugherty at 561-625-2568

Media Day


Palm Beach CAN will be hosting a MEDIA DAY event at the Palm Beach County Victim Services’ SART office in September.

It will feature a panel discussion from the Survivor Action Team.


Media Day Article

Media Day Resources:

Filming our PSA

Wondering what C.A.N. is doing to spread information to your community???

Currently, we are working on a PSA based on our NO MEANS NO campaign titled “When did NO turn into YES?”

We have completed the script and are looking to begin filming on Saturday, October 25th.

We will keep you updated so you know when to tune in. It looks like we will begin airing it on Channel 20.

Please contact the SART center at 561-625-2568 if you would like to join our CAN committee or participate in an activity.

More information to come….

Update: On 4/28/15, the voices were recorded for the CAN PSA. The visual images have already been selected.

Update: On 5/7/15, Channel 20 debuted the first draft of the PSA at the Victim Service SART office. The focus group provided feedback. The commercial will continue to be adjusted and they will provide a second screening to come.

Update: On 8/21/15, the completed English version of the PSA was uploaded to this website. It can be found under the “Media” tab. We are currently working on a Spanish version of the PSA.