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Palm Beach County Green Dot


Stolen People


Founded by Camara Hall, Stolen People/ MAATHsters (Musicians & Artists Against Trafficking Humans) is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, built on partnering with musicians, artists, non-governmental and governmental agencies.

The plan is to work globally on spreading awareness of human trafficking, providing resources and training on understanding human trafficking and preventative measures for communities, families, schools, and most of all our youth.

The website features information on Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Human Rights, Missing Children, and a calendar of upcoming events.

Their Vision

“Stolen People prevents the spread of modern-day slavery by helping establish awareness training, to young adults, communities, and professional to ensure community awareness and safety; as well as training and mentoring young adults on the tactics trafficker are using via social media, entertainment, and on the streets, to lure innocent victims.  We aim to promote the infrastructure needed to empower our youth and families with the tools to learn, see, and become the change for social justice against modern day slavery and human rights of all mankind.”

Please visit the website for more information on Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Human Rights, and Missing Children.

If you would like to become more involved, there is also a calendar of events and trainings.

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Green Dot


Palm Beach County’s Division of Victim Services & Certified Rape Treatment Center has received a five-year, $625,000 grant from the Florida Department of Health to implement the Green Dot Strategy. Palm Beach County was one of 13 applicants in Florida to be selected for this competitive grant.

Implementation of the Green Dot Strategy in Palm Beach County will include bystander mobilization training with Palm Beach County employees designed to empower the everyday citizen to stop a potentially dangerous situation before it escalates to violence. The tasks are typically simple in nature, and may end up saving someone’s life.
The Goal is that within five years, all County employees will be trained on how to implement the Green Dot Strategy using the knowledge and tools to reduce eliminate  instances of power-based personal violence in our community. The ultimate goal is that by year 2021, Palm Beach County is living the Green Dot.

The Green Dot Strategy, developed by Green Dot, Etc., is a comprehensive approach to violence prevention, with the ultimate goal of preparing organizations and communities to execute a strategy that consistently and measurably reduces power-based, personal violence. Power-based, personal violence includes sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, child abuse, elder abuse and bullying.

Palm Beach County Employees… “Live the Green Dot”


For more information on Green Dot visit

Start By Believing

Start by Believing is a public awareness campaign designed by End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) to change the way we respond to rape and sexual assault in our communities.


Palm Beach County Victim Services has partnered with the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office to spread the word about this campaign. We are inviting others to sign the pledge and attend the trainings!

start-by-believing      evawi_logo

Maya Jupiter

“Maya Jupiter is an energetic, passionate emcee and performer. Maya’s artivism (artist/activism) began in her early twenties when she worked with at-risk youth in her hometown of Sydney, Australia. In 2012, she was an official Ambassador for The Line campaign, an Australian government anti-violence initiative.

Now living and raising a family in Los Angeles, Maya serves as a POV Advisory Board member, and has been a spokesperson for our sexual violence prevention and education campaign, Denim Day. In 2014, she received the Voice Over Violence Humanitarian Award.

Maya is an unwavering artivist, releasing songs and music videos that highlight some of today’s toughest topics, such as modern-day slavery, sexual violence and the objectification of women in media. Her song “Never Said Yes”, is a Denim Day call to action to take a stand for affirmative consent and end rape culture. ”

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The Butterfly House

Butterfly House

The Butterfly House is a freestanding forensic exam facility in Palm Beach County maintained by Palm Beach County Victim Services. Opened in 2011, it has been the go-to facility for many of the forensic exams in Palm Beach County. The site features an exam room, an interview room, and supplies to make the evidence collection process more comfortable. Exams are performed by our SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) nurses with a victim advocate present for support. 


On December 7, 2011, Nadia Sorocka of the Sun Sentinel featured this article:

“Wellington Regional Medical Center is now home to Palm Beach County’s first comprehensive sexual assault response care center.

On Dec. 1 State Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto along with Palm Beach County Victim Services and hospital officials had a ribbon- cutting ceremony and tour of the center called the Butterfly House, which is located outside the Emergency Room.

The Butterfly House is the result of a year-long effort of Benacquisto and Victim Services to secure funding and a location for the service center.

“We made sure this project was looked after and that funding stayed in place,” Benacquisto said.

The center is expected to greatly improve response to victims’ needs with the ultimate goal to provide coordinated crisis response, improve medical and mental health treatment of rape victims and enhance the evidence collection process, according to Palm Beach County Justice Services and Victim Services staff.

“Every victim in Palm Beach County will be brought here,” Benacquisto said. “So a victim can heal and have the tools they need to love, grow and spread their wings again.”

By centralizing and coordinating dedicated teams comprising law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates and medical providers, there will be a more effective response to crimes of sexual assault. The medical staff at the Butterfly House, which is under the direction of Dr. David Soria and head nurse Joan Franklin, has undergone extensive training to better understand collection of forensic data, Soria said.

“In the past the process was inadequate and impaired the healing process,” he said. “We are ready to address the needs of these patients without the discomfort and delay of being in the ER.”


A link to the original article can be found here:



Additional articles on the Butterfly House include:

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Not Just Me

not just me

The Not Just Me Foundation is a non-profit that was created by South Florida survivor Julie Weil. Their mission is to prevent sexual assault through awareness and education and to help survivors reclaim their lives by giving them access to appropriately trained advocacy networks.

For more information about this great, local foundation go to their website or Facebook page:


South Florida Link Coalition


Have you heard about this amazing new non-profit?

Advocates, survivors, and animal lovers everywhere…rejoice. There is a new group forming to change laws and increase education about the link between violence towards humans AND animals!

Here is some of the information provided from their Facebook page (link below):

The South Florida Link Coalition aims to fight both animal cruelty and community, domestic, and sexual violence by focusing on the obvious but often ignored relationship between the two issues. This non-profit will provide the training and tools needed for everyone from State Legislators to law enforcement agencies, to animal humane societies to child protection and human service agencies to participate in multi-disciplinary teams and new cross-reporting methods that link the problems and fight back. This work will help families stuck in bad situations and save the lives of many domestic animals. This is a research backed way to predict and prevent animal cruelty and abuse. Eventually the goal is to, not only change laws and act as south Florida’s designated training and resource center on The Link between animal cruelty and human violence, but to open our own pet-friendly shelters (something almost non-existent in Florida) and provide animal-assisted therapy and humane education that will help break the cycles of learned violence.

Please go to for more information.



Put the nail in it

Safe Horizon is a New York based victim services center. They are dedicated to putting an end to domestic violence. With celebrity supporters, Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev, Alan Cumming, and Kyra Sedgwick they have created an ad to raise awareness.

They are encouraging everyone to paint their left ring finger purple as a “vow” to end domestic violence. Painting your nail shows that you won’t stand for domestic violence and you are publicly taking a stand.

Safe Horizon asks supporters to donate (even just $1), paint their nail, then share it on social media with the tag #putthenailinit and invite 3 friends to also take the vow.

Safe Horizon’s link: