Opening Ceremony 2017

National Crime Victims’ Rights Week continued with the Opening Ceremony Press Conference at the West Palm Beach Police Department on April 3, 2017.

Guest speakers included Adrienne Ellis, Chief Assistant Attorney at the Office of the State Attorney, 15th Judicial Circuit; Sarah Mooney, Chief of Police at the West Palm Beach Police Department; Jeri Muoio, Mayor of the City of West Palm Beach; Michael Gauger, Chief Deputy to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office; Congresswoman Lois Frankel; and Supervisory Special Agent O’Neill of the FBI.

Opening 1

The victim testament was given by Sandi Cooper. She is the mother of a murdered young woman. She shared her experience with her loss, the trauma, her therapeutic support, and support from the criminal justice system.

The Officer of the Year was presented to Detective Brent Joseph of the Boynton Beach Police Department by Palm Beach County Victim Services.

Opening 2

This year, the FBI’s Victim Specialist presented two awards; one to a North Palm Beach Police Detective who assisted with a human trafficking case and the “FBI Special Agent of the Year” award to the FBI agent who worked on that case as well.

Opening 3


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