Stolen People


Founded by Camara Hall, Stolen People/ MAATHsters (Musicians & Artists Against Trafficking Humans) is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, built on partnering with musicians, artists, non-governmental and governmental agencies.

The plan is to work globally on spreading awareness of human trafficking, providing resources and training on understanding human trafficking and preventative measures for communities, families, schools, and most of all our youth.

The website features information on Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Human Rights, Missing Children, and a calendar of upcoming events.

Their Vision

“Stolen People prevents the spread of modern-day slavery by helping establish awareness training, to young adults, communities, and professional to ensure community awareness and safety; as well as training and mentoring young adults on the tactics trafficker are using via social media, entertainment, and on the streets, to lure innocent victims.  We aim to promote the infrastructure needed to empower our youth and families with the tools to learn, see, and become the change for social justice against modern day slavery and human rights of all mankind.”

Please visit the website for more information on Human Trafficking, Sexual Assault, Human Rights, and Missing Children.

If you would like to become more involved, there is also a calendar of events and trainings.

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