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Maya Jupiter

“Maya Jupiter is an energetic, passionate emcee and performer. Maya’s artivism (artist/activism) began in her early twenties when she worked with at-risk youth in her hometown of Sydney, Australia. In 2012, she was an official Ambassador for The Line campaign, an Australian government anti-violence initiative.

Now living and raising a family in Los Angeles, Maya serves as a POV Advisory Board member, and has been a spokesperson for our sexual violence prevention and education campaign, Denim Day. In 2014, she received the Voice Over Violence Humanitarian Award.

Maya is an unwavering artivist, releasing songs and music videos that highlight some of today’s toughest topics, such as modern-day slavery, sexual violence and the objectification of women in media. Her song “Never Said Yes”, is a Denim Day call to action to take a stand for affirmative consent and end rape culture. ”

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Oct 8 Human Trafficking Event



DV Awareness Month Opening Ceremony


2016 Blue Shirt Day


October is National Bullying Prevention Month and the first Monday in October is Blue Shirt Day

 October 3, 2016 


“STOMP Out Bullying™ is the leading national anti-bullying and cyberbullying organization for kids and teens in the U.S.

Both the STOMP Out Bullying Program™ and its Annual BLUE SHIRT DAY™ WORLD DAY OF BULLYING PREVENTION initiative brings awareness and educates kids and teens, parents and schools about the issue.

Today’s students are at risk, and that risk grows more and more everyday as the popularity of the Internet increases. Today our youths are exposed to so much more than we were years ago. And years ago, when a kid or teen threatened to kill someone they didn’t mean it. Today students have access to guns and the threat to kill someone is no longer idle.

Adults must empower the victims and help change the behavior of the bullies. Schools must react swiftly and redirect negative behaviors into positive and productive solutions.

Bystanders who witness the assaults, harassment and threats must not remain silent. They must stand up for victims.

Parents must teach their kids and teens kindness, compassion and respect and schools must do the same. Our kids and teens need to know they are valued and protected.

Love Our Children created STOMP Out Bullying™ to put an end to this crisis, to keep children of all ages safe and to create bullying prevention education and peer mentoring in schools.

STOMP Out Bullying™ says NO to victimization, NO to anti-bullying legislation that does not work and NO to the hate and intolerance of others. We do say YES to choosing kindness, YES to teaching empathy, YES to accepting others NO MATTER™ what they look like, their race, their beliefs, or their sexual orientation or gender, and YES to becoming responsible and kind digital citizens.”

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