BWJP Training 201

Some of our SART members from Palm Beach County Victim Services and PBSO – Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office attended the Battered Women’s Justice Project in San Diego, CA – they attended many training sessions on Domestic and Sexual Assault issues – from these smiles seems like it was a great training!

San Diego Training

Accounting for Risk and Danger in Your Multi Agency Response to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

July 25 – July 28 in San Diego

Over the last decade, we have learned much about the landscape of risk and danger from the many jurisdictions that have developed multi-agency responses to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Continuous critical assessments of the ways in which risk and danger are accounted for in the multi-agency collaborations is essential for moving the work forward. The two and a half day conference will set the stage for a reexamination of the models and “what people are doing” in broadening the safety options for all battered victims.

The central questions to be examined are 1) Is the world of the victim expanding or contracting as a result of danger and risk assessments 2) What are the safety options available for diverse victims and 3) how are the assessments validating the survivor’s choices. The conference will not only critique the work done but will share innovative approaches in responding to victims as well as tools for analyzing institutional practices.



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