Clergy Workshop

Palm Beach County Victim Services & Certified Rape Crisis Center, grant partner Destiny by Choice and Aid to Victims of Domestic Violence along with Riviera Beach Police Department came together to provide a workshop titled ‘Family Strong, the Intersection between Domestic Violence & Clergy’ The focus of the workshop was to build a stronger collaboration between clergy leaders and secular services with the common goal of keeping families safe and strong. The workshop spoke to the importance of Clergy and faith in addressing the issue of domestic violence and sexual violence, demonstrated the prevalence of domestic and sexual violence, and how it impacts women, children, men, and families.  The intention was to ensure clergy and Faith leaders understand the dynamics and how to be a bridge rather than a barrier in addressing the issue with congregants.  Clergy were educated on resources that can best assist them and the families in need.  31 clergy and community resource individuals were in attendance.  PBCVS created a 7 step clergy point card for clergy to refer to when assisting victims.  Upon completion of the workshop clergy stated they recognized the vital importance of working with secular services to provide the safest outcome for their church members. The day after the workshop PBCVS advocates reported 3 referrals from clergy who attended the workshop.


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