2016 EVAWI Conference

End Violence Against Women International

held their International Conference in Washington, DC

March 22 – 24, 2016.


This year’s theme was Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Engaging Men & Boys.

One of the conference speakers was Vice President Joe Biden.

(The photo above has a link to the EVAWI video from his speech.)


EVAWI Conference

Victim Advocates Adrienne Hillman and Donna Rosado attended the End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) Conference in Washington DC.  While there, the advocates had the opportunity to engage with professionals from the fields of criminal justice, victim advocacy and the health care profession. Some of the popular sessions included topics like Victim Blaming, Expert Testimony, Police Interviewing and Understanding the Seriousness of Stalking. The advocates also had the opportunity to engage in smaller hands-on sessions that dove deeper into specific matters on the topic of victimization against women.

“I had a wonderful time meeting and learning from some of the top leading experts in our profession. My most cherished memory about the trip was being able to sit up close to hear Vice President Joe Biden speak about the rights of sexual assault victims from a national level. It was definitely empowering!”     -Adrienne H.

 “The plenary on “It’s No Joke: The Cultural Acceptability of Stalking” was an eye opener.  The added feature of Cherry Blossom season in D.C. was beautiful!  Hearing Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks and his continuing role on the historical imprint of Ending Violence Against Women will remain a driving force in my career as a Victim Advocate.”     -Donna R.


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