Hispanic “No Means No” PSA

No means No in every Language:

As part of a continued outreach to underserved populations, Palm Beach County Victim Services, PBC TV 20, & El-Sol produced a Spanish version of the “No means No” public service announcement (PSA). The 30 second PSA script follows the life stages of a person from toddler to adult who has learned that no is supposed to mean no in a variety of settings, and that includes unwanted sexual advances. This PSA is one of several strategies that will be employed in the near future to reach the Hispanic community with important information about sexual assaults and available services.  Betzy Rega, Health Coordinator from El Sol commented about the project,  “Thank you so much for making us a part of this really important piece. The El Sol team learned so much and had fun as well. At first they were not sure if they were going to be able to do this but in the end they felt so proud of themselves for helping their community. I am so proud of them.”

A January 10th Hispanic outreach festival is tentatively planned at a community church. If any agency is interested in finding out how they can participate, please contact Sharon Daugherty at  sdaugher@pbcgov.org or call 561-625-2568.



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