Survivor Action Team PSA

Sexual Assault “Survivor Action Team” takes on Hollywood

Survivor PSA 1 jpg jpg

The Survivor Action Team, part of the Palm Beach County Sexual Assault Response Team, joined together on December 2, 2015 to film their first public service announcement. The team is comprised of empowered adult sexual assault survivors who want to move forward with reaching out to the community and bring awareness to these issues.

Working with Channel 20/Palm Beach County Public Affairs, six team members openly represented cultural diversity along with a bold & magnificent outreach message. With the team identifying themselves as survivors, speaking words of understanding and invite, the goal was to reach out to other survivors and the general audience in the community. It is intended that viewers will know where to turn for help within Palm Beach County Victim Services & Certified Rape Crisis Center, whether it’s therapy, victim advocacy, court accompaniment or rape exam. Hopefully, some may join the Survivor Action Team! See it aired in January, 2016.


The PSA was completed and can be found here!


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