South Florida Link Coalition


Have you heard about this amazing new non-profit?

Advocates, survivors, and animal lovers everywhere…rejoice. There is a new group forming to change laws and increase education about the link between violence towards humans AND animals!

Here is some of the information provided from their Facebook page (link below):

The South Florida Link Coalition aims to fight both animal cruelty and community, domestic, and sexual violence by focusing on the obvious but often ignored relationship between the two issues. This non-profit will provide the training and tools needed for everyone from State Legislators to law enforcement agencies, to animal humane societies to child protection and human service agencies to participate in multi-disciplinary teams and new cross-reporting methods that link the problems and fight back. This work will help families stuck in bad situations and save the lives of many domestic animals. This is a research backed way to predict and prevent animal cruelty and abuse. Eventually the goal is to, not only change laws and act as south Florida’s designated training and resource center on The Link between animal cruelty and human violence, but to open our own pet-friendly shelters (something almost non-existent in Florida) and provide animal-assisted therapy and humane education that will help break the cycles of learned violence.

Please go to for more information.




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