Poem from a Survivor


What can I say about this place

Number ONE you will never find a SAFER SPACE

A place where you can discuss whatever is on your mind

And the feedback you will get will always be KIND

A place you will be assisted with the strength to fight

And be reminded that being safe and happy is your RIGHT

A safe place to figure out who you truly are and want to be

The person you can look in the mirror and smile and say that’s ME

Most of us have spend years carrying the guilt and shame

This is the place to learn and accept that we were not to BLAME

We were conditioned to believe that we to carry all the blame

But to these abusers it was all just a GAME

People say things are the darkest just before dawn

And that would be the moment you chose to no longer be someone else’s PAWN

This is the place you can begin feeling

Which is the key to true HEALING

Here there is no cause to be afraid

Because between these walls you will never be BETRAYED

You will need somewhere to be able to share your pain

Because without support you could feel like you are going INSANE

They have given so very very much

Such profound impact on all the lives they TOUCH

I have received the support to be proud of who I am

And gave me the strength to walk away from those who really don’t give a DAMN

They have given me hope when I had none

And waited patiently when I attempted to RUN

When life got to be more than I could bear

I knew all I had to do was pick up the phone and someone would be THERE

Gave me the strength to push forward and move on

Even on those days when I felt all hope was GONE

So no matter how hard it all gets

Always remember this one place YOU WILL ALWAYS FIT


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