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Not Just Me

not just me

The Not Just Me Foundation is a non-profit that was created by South Florida survivor Julie Weil. Their mission is to prevent sexual assault through awareness and education and to help survivors reclaim their lives by giving them access to appropriately trained advocacy networks.

For more information about this great, local foundation go to their website or Facebook page:



Transgender Day of Remembrance


South Florida Link Coalition


Have you heard about this amazing new non-profit?

Advocates, survivors, and animal lovers everywhere…rejoice. There is a new group forming to change laws and increase education about the link between violence towards humans AND animals!

Here is some of the information provided from their Facebook page (link below):

The South Florida Link Coalition aims to fight both animal cruelty and community, domestic, and sexual violence by focusing on the obvious but often ignored relationship between the two issues. This non-profit will provide the training and tools needed for everyone from State Legislators to law enforcement agencies, to animal humane societies to child protection and human service agencies to participate in multi-disciplinary teams and new cross-reporting methods that link the problems and fight back. This work will help families stuck in bad situations and save the lives of many domestic animals. This is a research backed way to predict and prevent animal cruelty and abuse. Eventually the goal is to, not only change laws and act as south Florida’s designated training and resource center on The Link between animal cruelty and human violence, but to open our own pet-friendly shelters (something almost non-existent in Florida) and provide animal-assisted therapy and humane education that will help break the cycles of learned violence.

Please go to for more information.



National Day of Remembrance

In 2007 the U.S. Congress designated September 25 as the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims.  Remembrance events have long been a part of the National Crime Victims’ Rights Movement. It is on these occasions that we pause and honor those who have suffered an untimely loss.  In keeping with this tradition, the Palm Beach County Victims’ Rights Coalition will honor the memory of victims of homicide on Friday September 25, 2015.

DOR 1   DOR 2   DOR 3   DOR 4

WPBF Coverage of the Opening Ceremony

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Each October, the Domestic Violence Council kicks off the month with the Opening Ceremony.

This year, WPBF news highlighted the ceremony:

Domestic Violence Awareness Seminar in Palm Beach County

DV Opening Ceremony

Media Day 2015

Media Day

In recognition of September as National Campus Safety Awareness Month and October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Palm Beach County Victim Services & Certified Rape Crisis Center hosted a media day on Wednesday, September 23.  The result helped to build direct communications between media and victims of crime.

Held at the Victim Services Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Center, local reporters, photographers, commissioners and representatives from the Palm Beach County Legislation met with empowered survivors who are effecting social change.

The 2 sessions featured hour panel discussion with Survivor Action Team members regarding their victimization including sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking and homicide. The Media Day raised awareness, brought media attention and national momentum for ending and preventing violence.

For information on how to book Victim Service and Survivor Action Team speakers for your agency, please contact Sharon Daugherty at 561-625-2568

September SART meeting

At the September monthly SART meeting, Nearly 40 Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) members from law enforcement, victim services, fire / rescue, sexual assault survivors, non-profit agencies, sexual assault nurse examiners, and community leaders gathered for a coordination meeting. Agenda items included presentations from the FBI on Human Trafficking and West Palm Beach Police Department on their response to sexual assaults. Other items included legislative updates and committee reports from the campus, training, and community action network.


The Washington Post 09/21/15 – Campus Sexual Assaults

The Washington Post published a story about Campus Sexual Assaults. Of the 27 Universities surveyed, they found that an average of 23% of undergraduate female students said they were victims of sexual assault and misconduct.

A link to the full article listed below:

What a Massive Sexual Assault Survey Found at 27 Top U.S. Universities 

Poem from a Survivor


What can I say about this place

Number ONE you will never find a SAFER SPACE

A place where you can discuss whatever is on your mind

And the feedback you will get will always be KIND

A place you will be assisted with the strength to fight

And be reminded that being safe and happy is your RIGHT

A safe place to figure out who you truly are and want to be

The person you can look in the mirror and smile and say that’s ME

Most of us have spend years carrying the guilt and shame

This is the place to learn and accept that we were not to BLAME

We were conditioned to believe that we to carry all the blame

But to these abusers it was all just a GAME

People say things are the darkest just before dawn

And that would be the moment you chose to no longer be someone else’s PAWN

This is the place you can begin feeling

Which is the key to true HEALING

Here there is no cause to be afraid

Because between these walls you will never be BETRAYED

You will need somewhere to be able to share your pain

Because without support you could feel like you are going INSANE

They have given so very very much

Such profound impact on all the lives they TOUCH

I have received the support to be proud of who I am

And gave me the strength to walk away from those who really don’t give a DAMN

They have given me hope when I had none

And waited patiently when I attempted to RUN

When life got to be more than I could bear

I knew all I had to do was pick up the phone and someone would be THERE

Gave me the strength to push forward and move on

Even on those days when I felt all hope was GONE

So no matter how hard it all gets

Always remember this one place YOU WILL ALWAYS FIT

Lady Gaga Music Video

The Hunting Ground has teamed up with Lady Gaga to produce a song called “Til It Happens To You.”

Lady Gaga created a graphic music video showing three college sexual assaults.