The Unshame Movement


Rape victims experience many emotions during and after rape. Shame should not be one of them. encourages victims of sexual violence to erase any shame that is directed at them. We want to give victims and survivors the opportunity to express to the world who they are and how they define themselves. We want to help victims and survivors shift shame into empathy, resilience and recovery. Simply put, kind, supportive words go a long way in shaping the experience a rape survivor has, even if the assault occurred many years ago.

To commemorate the website launch, we are encouraging all to visit/like Unshame’s facebook page  as well as participate in “One Day in May” through the Unshame Campaign.  The way it works is simple. Create a 1-2 sentence message of hope, inspiration, compassion, or humanity, and post it on after May 15th.  Your message could be anonymous or you could sign your name and or rape crisis program, if you choose to. Staff, volunteers, Board members, agency partners—ANYONE can create a Unshame message.

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